Blackberry Daiquiri

The drink that started it all.

One hot July evening about seven years ago, after spending the day with two friends picking about two gallons of wild blackberries, Doctor Jack started blending Wild Blackberry Daiquiris.  Back then, the daiquiri part came from frozen limeade juice.  That evening, the three of us made and consumed about 10 pitchers.  Yes, that is more than enough that the next morning, we should have felt like…, well, poop.  But, we didn’t.  In fact, we all felt great.

We ascribed the lack of hangover to just some sort of fluke until we did some research and found that blackberries are among the healthiest fruits in the world.  They are loaded with known vitamins and minerals and also newly discovered nutrients, like phytochemicals.  Had we discovered that if you put more good ingredients into your body, it counter acts that bad things?  When we make enough money with this site to actually do scientific study, we will truly find out, but right now we think so.

Blackberry Daiquiri

2 Parts Ron Zacapa 23 year old Rum

1 Part *Blackberry Serum

This drink works very well in three different versions.  You can put the ingredients into a shaker, shake it like a Polaroid picture and strain into a martini glass, garnishing with three blackberries.  You can just pour the rum and the Blackberry Serum over ice.  Or, if it is hot enough, fill a blender with ice and add proportional ingredients to have the ice barely float and blend it.  No matter which way you chose, enjoy the morning after.

*Serums are discussed in the Doctor Jack Philosophy section of the website.  In this case, blackberries can vary in their sweetness.  Some need sweetness, agave nectar or the rawest sugar you can find; some need a little sourness, fresh lime or lemon juice.