About Doctor Jack

A veteran of many a bar, Doctor Jack, is John Bollinger, bartender and media junkie.  This is a combination that in this day and age can only lead to building a website.

While on the pouring side of the bar, he worked, in this order at, in Boston, The Tam, Every Father’s, Jason’s, The Parker House, and GuadalaHarry’s; in Los Angeles, he was the first bartender in the re-opened Frolic Room, next to the Pantages Theater; in Washington DC, the legendary Brickskeller, Mr. Smith’s and the Jockey Club, in New York, Columbus Avenue’s Ruelles and Sequoia.

Though you would think that Doctor Jack would feel his experience on the serving side was more valuable, the customer side was far more lucrative.  The media business is a people business and the most widely used people lubricants are in the alcohol variety.  The list of media he was involved with is, The Robb Report, The Washington Journalism Review, Crain’s New York Business, Personal Investor magazine, 50 Plus, Nikkei Business Publications, International Media Partners, The Westsider and the Chelsea Clinton News, the renowned NYC ferry rider magazine, Pierless (which he founded) and American Demographics magazine.

This site is dedicated to the proposition that not all drinks are created equal.   And, that there is a better path to the occasional inebriation.

A work in progress, Doctor Jack welcomes any questions, thoughts or comments in the Office Suggestion Box.