The Borscht Belt

If you have a juicer, this one is simple, almost too simple for how good it is. Juice one Beet, yes, a Beet. Make a 4 to 1 Vodka martini, but the one is the Beet Juice. Shake it like it like a Tic Tac Box, strain. Important, rim the glass lightly with lemon. You are ready to play Grossinger’s.


2 Parts Square One Organic Vodka

1/2 Part Fresh Beet Juice

Lemon Twist for rimming and garnish

Studies have shown that beets and their juice help fight cancer, iron deficiency and kidney stones to name a few things.

That said, after extensive study here at the DJUMMMC, if you don’t like beets (for whatever reason your mother caused you to do so), you won’t like this drink.

But, like your mother didn’t tell you, the results the next morning put this drink well into the Hangover”less” category.