Certified Clinics

Think of Smarter Boozing as the umbrella under which many other types of cocktails exist, Classic, Deconstructed, Speak Easy, etc.  Whether it is Dale DeGroff, the King of Cocktails, or you experimenting with what you have in the refrigerator, Smarter Boozing is about good ingredients.  Simply, no garbage in avoids garbage out.

On the right side of the Doctor Jack homepage, as well as here are a good starting point in New York City (other cities will be added soon) for you to have a Doctor Jack Certified Alcohol Physician show you what better boozing is all about.

Yes, reviews and more will be coming on all of these places.  Damn it Jim, I am a Doctor, not a Web Designer!

Apotheke 9 Doyers St. NYC, NY 10013  212 406 0400

Employees Only 510 Hudson St.  NYC, NY 10014 212 242 3021

Flatiron Lounge 37 West 19th St. NYC, NY 10011 212 727 7741

Pravda 281 Lafayette St. NYC, NY 10012 212 226 4944

Raines Law Room 48 West 17th St. NYC, NY  10011

Mayahuel 304 East 6th St. NYC, NY 10003  212 253 5888