Approved Practitioners

Smarter Boozing and Healthier Cocktailing are going on everywhere.

If you have a Prescription, Therapy or Pharmaceutical that the world should know about, this is the place to present your findings.  Yes, this forum is monitored, but not on an hourly basis.

Dr. Jack will do his best to review your findings and get your post up when he is not consulting with patients or in the operating room

7 Responses to “Approved Practitioners”

  1. William Eaton says:

    This is fun. Not quite through it all yet, but stopped here to drop a note. Bill

  2. doctor13 says:

    Thanks. I still have a ton of content to add, but if I didn’t set a deadline, I would be fooling around with the mechanics of setting the site up forever.

    Doctor Jack

  3. John Lollos says:

    Are the fruit juices fresh?..if not,the good doctor’s credentials are in question. jlo

  4. doctor13 says:

    Always. And as I have no credentials, hopes are that no one will question them.

  5. doctor13 says:

    There will be a lot more coming, but it was a very busy weekend here at the Doctor Jack University Memorial Medical Mixing Center.

  6. MartyRD says:

    This is looking very fun. Perhaps you should put together a Clinic Crawl or Grand Rounds for those of us still students of the trade.

  7. doctor13 says:

    Why thank you Dr. Davey. Like the variation on the pub crawl, we’ll be working on that as we look for an operating room for Doctor Jack.

    Have any prescriptions from the Lodge at Woodlach?

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