Iron Man

With his toxicity level rising, Tony Stark (in Iron Man 2) drank chlorophyll in between his martinis and champagne.  Why {aside from the fact that it is a movie}?  Because, chlorophyll is known to detox the liver, along with other healthy benefits.   If only Jon Favreau had known about Doctor Jack, Robert Downey Jr. he could have had Stark adding Chlorophyll to his martinis.  Next sequel.


1/2 Part Square One Botanical Vodka (or a small batch gin, Hendricks, if you want to add juniper)

1/2 Part Square One Vodka

1/2 Part Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur

1 tsp. Liquid Chlorophyll (available at most health food stores)

Lemon peel

Empty Coke can

Combine all ingredients in a shaker.  Shake it like a belly dancer, strain into a chilled martini glass.  For the garnish, use your heavy duty cooking shears and cut out an oval piece of the Coke can.  Then peel a much larger lemon peel.  Make slits in the top and bottom of the peel to allow you to securely slide the metal piece into the top and bottom slit.  The peel with the metal piece should comfortably sit on the rim of the glass.

Makes you think you can create world peace.