Del Maguey Mezcal

While on a conference at the Summit at the 5 Star Broadmoor in Colorado Springs several years back, the Doctor and his staff were introduced to the Del Maguey group of village made mezcals.  Ron Cooper the owner of Del Maguey has found six with distillers who use ancient techniques to create heavenly booze that really makes you understand why they are called spirits.  One sip and you will think you are in heaven.

Chichicapa, San Luis del Rio, Santo Domingo Albarradas, Minero, Tobala and Pechuga are all certified organic, several of them are distilled from wild harvested agave.    Though all of these are primarily made for sipping, they do import another pharmaceutical that makes one of the best margaritas — and definitely the easiest.

Crema de Mezcal is a mix of mezcal and agave nectar.  Just squeeze in half a lime and you have a great margarita with minimal work.  Plus Crema’s slogan “For Women Only…and…A Few Strong Men”, is just too cute.

When my patients first hear that I am offering them mezcal, the reaction is usually one of fear.  The word mezcal just has a mean sound to it.  But let the good doctor calm your fears about this.  Simply, mezcal is to tequila as brandy is to cognac or sparkling wine is to champagne.  Tequila has specific regulations and controls that it must adhere to be called tequila, just like cognac and champagne.  Among the controls on tequila is that it must be 40% alcohol (or 80 proof).  Mezcals do not have this requirement in their creation.

So, the Del Maguey group of mezcals are stronger than your average tequila.  And they are far more pricey than your average tequila, but as you sip them rather than mix them, they last.  This plays perfectly to Doctor Jack’s favorite treatments, sitting back with a large glass of fresh juice or a combination of juices and sipping a good tequila or mescal along with it.  Much like the “sangrita“.