The Microstrainer

A fine mesh, or as we call it, a Microstrainer, is an essential for better boozing.  That is, of course, unless you like to chew on your drink.  Particularly for Oxytinis, the flavor that comes from the added fresh fruits and muddled herb is from the contact and shaking agitation with the alcohol.

From extensive research merely adding even fresh juice doesn’t impart the entire experience of a well made oxytini.  The spirits having contact with the skin and the fresh aromas of the fruit or herb makes for a fuller richer cocktail.

Though you will often see very well qualified alcohol physicians use a 2-3 inch diameter microstrainer, we recommend a 7-9 inch diameter version.  The larger versions have distinct advantages.  One, when the strainer is full and the liquid no longer is flowing through it, you don’t have to dump or wash it out.  Two, the larger version allows for a little more bedside pomp and circumstance, as you roll it around to find fresh mesh and get every drop of the libation.