The Boston Shaker

Not because he learned and earned a lot of his doctorate in Better Boozing in Boston, though that doesn’t hurt.  The two piece Boston Shaker is the best way to mix any cocktail.  But the glass part of the shaker has to be tempered glass, so that the two pieces will completely seal in the liquids.

The staff here at the DJUMMMC frequently try to have the two-piece all Metal shaker added to the supply room.  And in a pinch they work, but you can’t see what is going on in the shaker.  Particularly in the case of Oxytinis, seeing the contents is critical to the quality of the drink.  If you over shake an Oxytini, you end up with fruit flavored alcohol, not the subtle drink you really want.

And the four point strainer is the only way to go as well.  Others have a tendency to slide into the shaker, making for messing operating fingers.