Progressive Cocktails

No this doesn’t have anything to do with politics.  Doctor Jack is an equal opportunity, egalitarian booze professional.

Progressive cocktailing means moving from one type of drink to another — and possibly another — through the course of the night (or day, if you are starting early).

One of the biggest mistakes made by those who imbibe in things alcoholic is to switching alcohols.  “Wine and Liquor, never sicker.  Never mix the Grape and the Grain”, are two old saws about mixing different types of booze.  And they are old saws because, by and large, they are true.

With Progressive Cocktails, you start with a true cocktail: shaken and served straight up in a cocktail glass, without ice.  You keep your shaker and continue to add or subtract ingredients from there.  A simple example would be starting with a Vodka Martini for a couple (one is not enough, three is too many) and using the contents of the shaker to make a *Really Purple Haze for dinner or after dinner.

By using this method, you can help increase your odds of not mixing spirits that really shouldn’t be mixed.

WE WILL BE ADDING PROGRESSIVE COCKTAILS SOON, but Doctor Jack can only type for so long in one sitting.

*Add either Chambord or Blackberry liqueur.