Square One Organic Vodka

And such a great bottle.

And such a great bottle.

We first had Square One at an Alice Waters (of Chez Panisse), catered event a few years back.  At that time, the Vodka for all of our experiments was Chopin, the Polish Potato Vodka, still an excellent and pure choice.  But Square One, was every bit as tasty as Chopin and was ORGANIC.

Now, many will say that in the distilling process, impurities are removed, and that is pretty much correct, but the only distillation process that yields 100% ethanol (booze) uses benzene to make it pure(?).   So there is a technical chance of other impurities, pesticides, herbicides, stuff in floor sweeping at the distillery, etc is getting into your spirits.

But there are three other very important reasons that organic is better.  One, if Square One and other organic distillers are going to the trouble of using organic ingredients, then they are most likely careful in how they handle the rest of the processing.  Two, if they are taking that care, they are most likely also concerned about what other additives (flavorings, colorants and most importantly water) they put into their spirits.  Three, they are supporting organic farmers (in the case of Square One, organic rye farmers).  The benefits on humans of organic food are one thing, but the benefits to the land are immense.

Square One also produces an organic cucumber and an amazing botanical.  You will see many prescriptions on the Doctor Jack site using them.